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Raising the Standard for Aircraft Sanitization

SCIS uses the latest germicidal UVC light to sanitize aircraft and equipment at airports throughout the US. Our SteriFlight UVC Cart solution can sanitize an aircraft in 15 minutes without the use of chemicals. It is also highly effective at sanitize the air within the aircraft cabin.

UVC Sanitization

SCIS provides highly effective UVC aircraft sanitization services. UVC has been proven to inactivate COVID-19 and can be used to efficiently sanitize an aircraft without chemicals making this an environmentally friendly sanitization solution.

Ultraviolet light (UV) is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to humans. While visible light has a wavelength of 700-400 nm, the wavelength of UV light is 400-10 nm. UV light within the range of 280-200 nm is categorized as UVC.

High-frequency UV rays within the range of 300-200 nm are strongly absorbed by nucleic acids (DNA and RNA). As a result, these rays are effective at killing or inactivating many disease-carrying pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Our sanitization services utilize germicidal UVC lamps for disinfection, which emit UV at wavelengths between 280-255 nm.

To help the aviation industry adjust to the effects of COVID-19, SCIS is proud to partner with SteriFlight to bring to the aviation industry the same UVC technology that has been used to sterilize hospital rooms and equipment for the last 20 years. With 700+ SIDA badged employees located across 39 US airports, SCIS is uniquely positioned to quickly assist airlines with their sanitization needs. Contact us now to request a demo.

Our Services

UVC Cart for Aircraft Sanitization

By using the SteriFlight UVC Cart, SCIS can quickly and effectively sanitize the cabin of passenger aircraft. In addition to sanitizing passenger seating areas, galleys, lavatories, overhead controls and bins, our UVC solution is effective at killing pathogens located in the air throughout the cabin. This service can be performed within 15 minutes, and SCIS has the SIDA-badged employees and equipment to service aircraft across the country. We offer this environmentally friendly, chemical-free sanitization service for a low cost per service with no upfront equipment purchases required.

UVC Wand for High-Touch Areas

Our UVC wand service focuses on sanitizing the high touch areas of the aircraft. It is a great solution that adds an additional layer of protection for passengers and crew on quick-turn aircraft. We focus on sanitizing the galleys, lavatories, and the crew seating area. This service can safely be performed in less than 20 minutes while the crew and other service personnel are onboard the aircraft.

UVC Wand for Equipment & Supplies

SCIS is uniquely positioned to help support the sanitization efforts of equipment and supplies that are delivered to the aircraft. Our UVC wand is highly effective at sanitizing IFE equipment, or the high touch areas of catering carts and carriers. With offices in many of the catering units throughout the US, SCIS is able to perform this service just before the equipment is transported to the aircraft.

UVC + Ozone Lamps

The most effective solution that is able to sanitize a room or airplane cabin from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, including equipment and supplies. This UVC service is highly effective, but requires all people, animals, and plants to be removed from the area during treatment.

Effectiveness of UVC

"The incidence of target organisms among exposed patients was significantly lower after adding UV to standard cleaning strategies."

"NIOSH found that, as of April 2020, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, vaporous hydrogen peroxide, and moist heat have shown the most promise as potential methods to decontaminate FFRs."

"We demonstrated that SARS-CoV-2, even at high viral titers, could be inactivated rapidly by UVC irradiation, revealing that this method is reliable not only for disinfection purposes in health care facilities but also for preparing inactivated SARS-CoV-2 material for research."


SCIS has partnered with SteriFlight to use their UVC equipment at the 39 US airports SCIS operates in. SteriFlight designed UVC equipment to be highly effective on aircraft and within the aviation industry. The SCIS and SteriFlight partnership brings the latest SteriFlight UVC sanitization equipment to the airline industry with highly trained SCIS SIDA-badged technicians to ensure an effective and efficient sanitization service. Please contact to schedule a free on-aircraft demonstration.

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